Une Vie de Chateau® offers its collection for sale through internet, at and to selected retailers and distributors.

If you whish to be selected as a retailer or a distributor, please contact Pascale, at to obtain informations and the wholesale conditions and prices list.

On your first e-mail, thank you to give us your complete informations (name, company name, address, delivery address if different and phones).

Please attached  your State Resale Certificate (Seller’s Permit) showing your Federal Tax ID number.

Our prices are in US Dollars.  They are subject to changes without notice. At Une Vie de Chateau®, we make every effort to avoid mistakes but Une Vie de Chateau® reserves the right to make any correction at anytime, without notice for errors correction or manufacturing costs adjustments.

Applicable taxes, shipping and other charges or Duties are extra and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

We require from our retailer or distibutor to follow as well as possible the «manufacturer retail suggested prices» from Une Vie de Chateau®.

For the selected distributors, Une Vie de Chateau® also proposes drop-shipping, with no extra fees.

The freight costs are only valid for 5 days from the quotation.

Une Vie de Chateau® reserves  the right to update the freight fee and eventually to charge and invoice the extra cost before the shipment.

We ship to the USA, US Islands, Canada and international. Our european stock, will be soon available to deliver your overseas clients.

All the informations regarding our wholesale conditions are available upon request.

Please e-mail us, at