French Luxury Furniture for Dogs and Cats


A pet lover, art lover and an artist at heart, Frederic Richard gives a new lease of life to adorable pieces of antique furniture patterned on the stools and sofas that the French royal court commissioned for their favorite pets.

Frederic comes from a family of collectors. Taking inspiration from antique pieces, he designs luxury furniture in Renaissance, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directoire or Empire style as well as working on a more contemporary line for 2011.

Specially designed for the comfort of your pets, these delightful decorative beds, stools and sofas fit perfectly into a gracious home.

Several period pieces that have been in his family for over two hundred years provided the inspiration for this collection. Other pieces have been designed to harmonize with the chosen styles.

Each piece has been lovingly crafted in the traditional manner.

The craftsmen work from hand-carved models. The frame is hammered, punched and worked to reproduce the marks of time and then treated by the original methods using whiting (Blanc de Meudon), natural pigments, wax, Judean bitumen…

For the gilded woodwork, the craftsman uses whiting, red gilder’s clay base, rabbit skin glue and gold leaf.

This traditional preparation and the different antique patinas give these collector’s items an authentic vintage look.

All our furniture is hand crafted. Solid wood is mainly used for most of the framework of our sofas, beds and stools, giving the sturdiness and stability that our animals so appreciate. Few pieces are made of special selected resine material to perfectly respect the original design and reduce the cost of the 2011 collection.

Sumptuous upholstery fabrics, French or otherwise, are selected to suit the period styles. Others are more contemporary. All fabrics are easy to care for.

Most of the mattresses, cushions and bolster pillows have removable covers.

The cushions are usually stuffed with real duck feathers, offering our little friends soft, natural, old-time comfort.

Our models can be made to order, using contemporary or antique patinas and fabrics from our collection or of your own choice.

Your furniture can be customized with incrustations of crystals or precious stones, framed miniature oil paintings of your favorite pets or in the furniture style…

All our products have been tested and approved by Georges, Felix, Gravy and Mimi…

Our lovely dogs and cats!


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